Hello Students!

29 01 2010

Welcome to SLCC’s help page for students who have chosen WordPress with which to build their ePortfolios. This site contains video tutorials to help you get started, some advice and tips in creating ePortfolios, examples of ePortfolios built with WordPress, and places where you can get more help.

Pros of Using WordPress–Wordpress is a widely used, powerful blogging tool that also allows you to make a great-looking ePortfolio. It offers you hundreds of different templates from which to choose when setting up your site, and it has a great deal of storage capacity. In your “settings” (lower left on your site’s dashboard) you can hide your site from web searches, so only those to whom you give the address can look at it.

Cons of Using Wordpress–Not many here. WordPress is not drag-and-drop like Yola or Weebly, so it is initially a bit more difficult to learn to use. But once you watch the tutorials and create a few pages, you’ll pick it up very quickly.


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